90-120 minutes
1 night
Return to society
14 days

Thigh lift or thighplasty is a procedure that aims to remove the excess of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue to restore a pleasant profile of the inguinal region and a give proper skin tone. Aging and weight loss inevitably produce a tissue excess, especially in the limbs. In thigh this defect may be particularly disabling, limiting patients in daily activities, dressing and social interactions.

The procedure
Tighplasty is performed under general anesthesia and requires about 90 minutes depending on severity of tissue excess. This procedure can be effectively associated to a light liposuction to remove localized fat and achieve the desired contour of the inguinal region.

The scar is located in the groin, although in severe cases an additional scar is necessary on the medial side of the thigh, longitudinally oriented. This access enables a better removal of the tissue excess at the distal thigh. Surgical modalities should be discussed along with patient to define realistic treatment goals.

A compressive garment is applied for 30 days. Drains should be kept for 3-7 days after surgery and consist of tubes of soft silicone that are removed painlessly.

The patient could experience swelling and bruising of thighs. These symptoms usually regress in one month, although in some cases may persist for more (up to three months).

Return to normal daily activities is allowed two weeks after surgery. Sports and intense physical activities can be resumed 30 days after surgery.