30-60 min
Local and eventual sedation
Return to social life
5 days

Prominent ears and other ear deformities are often a serious problem that can influence the everyday life. Nevertheless the corrective procedure is quite simple. Ear deformities could affect the aesthetics of the entire face, undermine self-confidence and the social relationships, especially during childhood. For this reason and a better cartilage malleability during childhood, otoplasty could be indicated even at this age.

Concerning prominent ears, two procedures could be performed depending on severity:

  • Wire otoplasty. This procedure corrects the defect by placing of subcutaneous traction sutures. This procedure is not indicated when an excess of cartilage causes the defect.
  • Cartilage remodeling and cutaneous resection. In severe cases, the excess of cartilage can be resected. In milder cases, targeted cartilage abrasion is able to curve its surface and correct the defect. This procedure could be effectively accompanied by cutaneous resection.
  • Other defects of shape, symmetry or position of pavilion, helix or ear lobe can be corrected during the same procedure

Otoplasty is be performed under local anesthesia and eventually sedation. The operation does not require hospitalization. Instead general anesthesia is preferred in children.

The operation takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the severity of the defect.  Scars are short and placed behind the ear to minimize scarring.

Pain is negligible and limited to the first hours after surgery. The patient should wear a protective bandage for the first 3 days. Resumption of daily activities is quick and takes about 5 days. Sport and intense physical activity is allowed 3 weeks after surgery.