Nail is an important anatomical structure, providing an essential support to the soft tissues of the fingertip, allowing a precise pinching, the grip of small objects and a proper sensitivity at the fingertip (providing for a counterpressure during touch).

Foot nails instead have not a functional role, although if damaged or dystrophic could lead to recurrent infections, evere pain and functional limitation.

Nail surgery is indicated for:

  • Deformities or post-traumatic
  • Ingrown nails (onychocryptosis). This condition consists in a abnormal nail growth outside the nail bed, causing recurrent infections and severe pain
  • Neoformations of the nail bed. A proper procedure is required to remove or biopsy a neoformation in this anatomical site avoiding further nail distortion. The term “neoformation” could refer to a skin lesion (e.g. a nevus) or to a painful neoformation (such as a glomus tumour).


The procedure


This type of surgery is performed under regional block anesthesia of the affected finger without need of hospitalization. In case of surgery on foot nails, standing and walking for long times should be avoided for two weeks after surgery. Physical activity and sport can be resumed once the surgical wound is healed (usually 2-3 weeks).