Introduction to the Anti-aging Radiofrequences


When dermis ages, it loses considerable amounts of collagen and elastin, becoming thin, brittle and less elastic. The consequences of these changes are visible wrinkles, greater laxity and sagging skin.

The combined treatment of synchronized bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and pulsed light (length from 700 to 2000 nm), or Anti-aging Radiofrequences, induce selective heating of the deep dermis, 4-5 mm depth. This produces has two effects, one immediate and one short-term:

  • Immediate effect: the treatment induces a contraction of the elastic fibers contained in the dermis, eliminating small wrinkles, improving skin tone with an effect comparable to that of a facelift
  • Short term effect: induces a stimulation of the skin to produce collagen and elastin. This produces short and medium distance improved skin texture, consistency, thickness and skin tone

radiofrequenze 1

Treatment modalities


The treatment with Anti-aging Radiofrequences lasts 20-40 minutes depending on the extent of the area to be treated and the severity. Treatment is painless in most cases, although you may feel a heating and burning sensation in those areas with high density of hair follicles.

After the procedure you can observe a slight erythema that regresses within 48 hours.

Then you should avoid sun exposure of the treated area for 21 days.

When treatment area is extended, it is possible to divide the treatment in two ore more sessions of Anti-aging Radiofrequences.