Burns are a major cause of morbidity and morbidity. Only in the United States, every year occur two million of burns. 10% of those that require hospitalization are fatal.

Heat, chemical or electrical damage produce an altered metabolic state with systemic consequences. For this reason it is appropriate to refer to this condition as a syndrome.

A proper management of burns in emergency is essential. However the treatment of this condition is not limited to the emergency setting. The extensive scarring is a chronic and permanent condition, aesthetically and functionally disabling.


The role of the Plastic Surgeon


Plastic Surgeon has a double role. In emergency setting, the surgeon performs an accurate cleansing and debridement of wounds, while in a second time deals with the reconstruction of the cutaneous layer. This phase is fundamental to prevent infections, restore the electrolyte balance and accelerate rehabilitation.




Although the immediate post-traumatic treatment and reconstruction is the most important for survival, scarring is a permanent consequence and accompanies the patient for the rest of the life.

Scar remodeling, removal and treatment of adhesions are essential to restore functionality and give an acceptable appearance. If you wish to explore this topic click here.