What is Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an extremely rich and unique discipline because its dual soul, reconstructive and cosmetic. No other medical specialty shares the nobility of purposes of Reconstructive Surgery (e.g. treatment of burns, trauma or complex malformations) and the trend towards improvement of Aesthetic Surgery. As these two aspects are divided in clinical practice, they are intimately connected in surgery, since the techniques are common.

Unique of Plastic Surgery is the application field, as vast as aesthetically sensitive: the whole body, from head, to trunk and limbs.


The result

The aim of any procedure should be carefully defined and fit the wishes of the patient. The result should be natural and harmonious, avoiding excessive results.

We have also to take into consideration that any procedure has possible risks and complications. Therefore the patient must be informed and fully aware of the type of procedure, possible risks and complications.

In conclusion

Plastic Surgeon is a unique job. The number and extension of procedures are extremely wide. My work often brings me closer to the wishes, dreams and expectations of patients. This makes this job similar to that of an artists. In fact the Plastic Surgeon is able to model tissues, taking care of every detail in order to achieve the optimum result.

Finally … a recommendation

Plastic Surgery is an extremely complex and wide surgery. I think it is necessary to rely on a specialist in Plastic Surgery, being wary of those who claim to be “Cosmetic surgeons”. This people often are not boarded Plastic Surgons. It is of fundamental importance to evaluate titles and capacities of surgeon. This is a matter of quality and safety.