Ganglion cysts constitutes a herniation of the wall of the joint. Although the precise mechanism of formation is unknown, they are often associated to a heavy use of the joint. The most commonly affected sites are:

  • Radio-carpal joint. 60-70% of ganglion cysts in the hand occur in this joint
  • Interphalangeal joints




The diagnosis is primarily clinical. Ultrasonography is advised to investigate size, localization and origin.

Ganglion cysts usually expand gradually, causing discomfort or pain on movement of the affected joint. Surgery is considered the gold standard and is able to:

  • Remove the ganglion
  • Repair the joint capsule, preventing relapses and the leakage synovial fluid.




This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and do not require hospitalization. The scar measures 15 mm. The use of the affected hand is not allowed for one week, then a gradual recovery of the manual tasks is advised.