The skin gets thinner with age, it loses elasticity and luminosity. Biorevitalization aims to counteract aging by bringing nutrients and substances that promote the physiologic tropism of skin. The treatment is indicated to:

  • restore tightness and elasticity of the skin
  • reduce the signs of photo-aging
  • minimize and eliminate fine wrinkles


Treatment modalities


Treatment is performed according to the principles of mesotherapy. The drug is administered in three layers: intradermally, hypodermically and in deep subcutaneous tissue.

The drug contains:

  • Vitamins. These substances are essential to catalyze enzymatic reactions that improve the proper metabolism of the skin
  • Nucleic acids. They provide the substrate for cell regeneration and replication
  • Amino acids: Essential for cellular metabolism, they constitute the basic elements for the production of proteins.

The treatment is carried out with two modalities:

  • Manual. This modality is preferable to treat localized and sensible areas (e.g. the face)
  • High-precision pneumatic injector. This modality allows a precise injection, it’s versatile, comfortable (the treatment is almost painless) and proper for large treatments. The practitioner is able to adjust precisely the injection depth, frequency and amount of drug.

The duration of treatment is 20-40 minutes depending mainly on the extent of the area to treat. Erythema could occur after treatment and it usually disappears within 48 hours spontaneously. Photoprotection of the treatment area is advisable for 21 days after treatment.

The efficacy of treatment is immediately visible. The treatment can be effectively repeated every two months to maintain and improve the benefit.