Skin patches and discoloration may negatively affect the appearance of entire body regions and their treatment is therefore necessary. Their number is often high and is likely to increase during life. Synchronized radiofrequency and pulsed light effectively eliminate these imperfections. This treatment is able to penetrate the dermis 0.8 mm in depth and selectively increase the temperature of hemoglobin and melanin. This selectively ablates those cells responsible for skin patches, discoloration and dyschromia.

radiofrequenze 3

Treatment modalities


The treatment lasts 20-40 minutes depending on the extent of the area to be treated and the severity. Treatment is painless in most cases, although you may feel a heating and burning sensation in those areas with high density of hair follicles.

After the procedure you can observe a slight erythema that regresses within 48 hours.

Then you should avoid sun exposure of the treated area for 21 days.

The number of sessions required for the treatment is determined individually, depending on the pigment of the patches and their number.