Aesthetic Surgery is the branch of Plastic Surgery that aims to correct body imperfections or simply improve physical appearance.

This surgery is unique in medicine because copes with healthy subjects that intend to improve their physical aspect. People that undergo an aesthetic procedure aims to appear more attractive and younger, delete "that" annoying physical defect and finally to increase self-confidence.

Rather than a secondary branch of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery is a true surgical discipline. Many techniques used in reconstructive surgery are applied in Aesthetic Surgery and vice versa.


The role of Aesthetic Surgery


Defining what is “beautiful” is a hard task due to the extreme subjectivity and the strong relationship between standard of beauty and society. Nowadays it is possible to change almost any physical feature according to the personal taste, improve the overall appearance and reduce the effects of aging.

Nevertheless, any procedure has limits and intrinsic risks. A comprehensive counseling is necessary to analyze the desires of the patient, indicate the proper procedure and discuss together a reasonable treatment plan.

In this website you will find a brief description of the main procedures, considering my approach and philosophy. This website does not claim to be comprehensive and universal, but reflects my clinical practice.