Reconstructive Surgery is the branch of Plastic Surgery that deals with soft tissue reconstruction after oncologic surgery or trauma. The aims of this surgical branch could be grouped as follows:

  • Function recovery: reconstructive surgery is able to repair or restore the function of a muscle, nerve or vessel.
    • Muscle. When a muscle / muscle group is irremediably damaged, its function could be restored by transferring healthy muscles
    • Nerves. Reconstructive Surgery could restore nerve function by direct neurorrhaphy, nerve grafts or nerve transfers.
    • Vessels. Damaged vascular axes could compromise permanently a limb. Reconstructive Surgery is able to repair vessels or restore a whole vascular segment immediately after a trauma (e.g. finger replantation)
  • Scar remodeling: Scar contractures, adherences or dystrophy could be effectively improved with Reconstructive Surgery
  • Removal of a skin cancera and reconstruction
  • Treatment of non-healing wounds and traumatic defects
  • Dermatologic Surgery
  • Burns

Reconstructive Surgery is not limited to one anatomical site but is addressed to the treatment of a wide range of anatomical sites. Many of the surgical techniques are employed in cosmetic surgery and vice versa.