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The nose is a key element in determining the aesthetics of the face. Rhinoplasty aims to model and improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose. This surgery is complex and includes more than 40 procedures able to reshape the cartilaginous and bony structure. These procedures could be summarized as follows:

  • Reshaping and reorientation of the nose tip
  • Reshaping of the nostrils
  • Correction of asymmetries and defects of the cartilage skeleton
  • Correction of asymmetries and defects of the bony skeleton

This surgery is able to modify deeply the appearance of the face. Therefore, the procedure should be accurately discussed and planned with the patient, in order to state realistic goals.

This planning should take in account some features of the nose that can greatly influence the effectivity of rhinoplasty: the quality of the skin and the bony skeleton. A very thick skin could limit the possibilities of remodeling, as well as an exuberant bony skeleton could not be entirely corrected.

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