60 minutes
Local + sedation
0 nights
Return to society
7 days

Lipofilling or autologous adipose tissue transfer revolutionized Plastic Surgery, providing for an ideal filler. In fact, adipose tissue is able to bring volume in a natural way, permanently and without inflammatory reaction, being at the same time fully biocompatible and improving the overlying skin texture. Moreover, fat could be harvested virtually from every part of the body and the procedure could be repeated to add more volume. Simultaneously, the harvesting of fat brings the benefit of a classic liposuction. The indications of lipofilling are the following:

  • Permanent filler
  • Treatment of wrinkles
  • Increase lip volume
  • Breast augmentation with adipose tissue
  • Chinplasty and malarplasty with adipose tissue
  • Buttocks reshaping - gluteoplasty
  • Rejuvenation of the hands
  • Treatment of depressed scars
  • Treatment of scars
    • Dystrophic and retracting scars
    • Skin burns

The effectiveness of adipose tissue for improving skin quality in scars is remarkable. In fact, it consistently improves the appearance of scars and dystrophic areas. In particular, adipose tissue is able to improve pigment, elasticity and tissue quality, making scars more similar to healthy skin. This capability should be attributed to adipose tissue stem cells that promote tissue tropism.

The procedure in detail