60-120 minutes
Local + sedation / General
0-1 night
Return to society
1-2 weeks

Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to define the gluteal region. Buttocks play a central role in the aesthetic of the body and sexuality. Redefinition and re-shaping of buttock has several indications:

  • Poor definition of buttock profile. This defect may be congenital and not correctable with sports. In these cases, surgery can reshape the buttock redefine volumes
  • Ptosis. Skin laxity, aging or weight loss may produce ptosis. Several surgical techniques address this issue, reshaping and lifting the adipose component.
  • Skin excess, often resulting after weight loss or intrinsic laxity. The excess can be surgically removed to restore the proper tension and tone
  • Localized fat. A proper diet is able to reduce the overall adiposity, although it hardly addresses any localized adiposity, especially in the gluteal region. This issue can be treated in the same procedure with a targeted liposuction